What does it mean to be organized?

What does it mean to be organized? That’s a question everyone has to answer for themselves. There are two extreme cases, a disorganized person who doesn’t put any value to the skill or organization – “Order is for stupid people, intelligent person can manage chaos” – to the total opposite – an obsessive compulsive control freak who sees organization as an ultimate goal in life.

Organization is a tool not a goal. Although, one might get this impression after reading numerous articles by super-organized enthusiastic bloggers.

Organization is a tool not a goal.

Being organized doesn’t mean that you don’t have a speck of dust anywhere in your house

Dusting and cleaning is a good thing. Feng Shui teaches us that in energy flows better on clean surfaces. You want to let more light and air into your home to experience more energy. That doesn’t mean you need to keep a tracker of chores or that you should be angry with yourself for not dusting because it was on your schedule for today.

Being organized doesn’t mean that you have to buy complicated storage systems.

Tidy working space

Quite the opposite. It means having less stuff. We don’t even realize how many things we actually possess till you try to move house. If you have a look at someone homeless or poor people in Asia or Africa, you realize that they can carry all their possessions in one backpack. If you had to do the same, if you had to flee from your home tomorrow knowing you are never going to come back, what would you take? Ok, let’s not go to that extreme but it gives you the idea.

Decluttering and organizing have several advantages:

  • You don’t buy things that you already have because you can’t remember that you have them.
  • You don’t buy or keep things that you don’t really need.
  • You don’t waste time looking for things because you know where they are.
  • You don’t say you have nothing to wear because you have simple functional wardrobe.
  • Your living space feels harmonious.

Being organized doesn’t mean you have a thick binder with a hundred of printables.

A coffee, pen and notebook

Having lots of spreadsheets and trackers for just about anything from counting glasses of water to how many steps to you took today is a bit extreme. You might spend more time filling the complex templates than working on your goals. Most daily schedule templates prompt you to schedule tasks for the day and in the end you might end up feeling frustrated that you didn’t manage to fit everything (or anything). Your planner is supposed to be helpful, not act like a scolding parent.

All you need to have to get organized is a pen and paper although I prefer using a A5 fillofax so that I can move pages and use different types of paper (my favourite is a custom made dot grid paper) for different purposes. Printing out templates is only helpful for things like a monthly habit tracker so that you save time drawing a table or a chart.

Being organized doesn’t mean that you will turn into a machine for productivity and achievement.

Being organized simply means that you are less busy and more productive. You know where you are and where you are going. You know exactly what you are doing but also what you are not.

You don’t have to think where to start in the morning when your consciousness might not be crystal clear because you can rely on your flexible system. You open your diary and start on the first thing that’s on your to-do list. No more hovering.

It’s more likely you will complete things that you started.

You can completely focus on a task at hand and you know how to deal with distraction.

You can go to bed with clear mind and sleep through the night.

You experience harmony and clarity in your life and you will less likely to suffer from addictions that very often just mute feelings of purposelessness and frustration.

You can never control your life

Being organized doesn’t mean you have to invest lots of time or that you will turn into a control freak. You can never control your life. There are people who are desperately trying to get a false feeling of safety and control by creating complicated schedules and trackers so that they can say I’m super-organized and on top of my life. But that’s not the same as feeling relaxed, happy and in a state of bliss.

Being organized helps you to make order in chaos, to experience clarity and focus on what really matters in life.

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