Solar System – Free Montessori 3 Part Cards

Solar System – Free Montessori 3-Part Cards

Today I’d like to share with you solar system Montessori 3-part cards. The set contains the Sun, the Moon, all plantes in our solar system and Pluto, which is not classified as a planet anymore but that doesn’t mean it should be ommitted.

Solar system Montessori 3 Part cards Free download

You can download Solar System Montessori 3-part cards for free, mount them on a coloured card and laminate them for better durability.

These cards can be supplemented by a free set of astrological symbols Montessori 3-part cards.

Activities with Solar System Montessori 3-Part Cards

Montessori 3-part cards are useful for children and adult learners. If you never used them before, follow the activities described below to get an idea how you can use them to learn easily.

Activity 1 – get familiar with the heavenly bodies in our solar system

Even though this exercise is easy, it has several effects:

  • learn stuff on your own without having to listen to a teacher or reading a book
  • focus on one thing at a time
  • discover that some pictures might be similar and your brain will recognize the differences right from the start

Activity 2 – passive knowledge of the names of the heavenly bodies in our solar system

After getting familiar with images and their titles, you can test your passive knowledge by trying to match titles to the images. You can easily check your answers by flipping the picture cards.

Activity 3 – active recolection of the names of the heavenly bodies in our solar system

This activity should follow the previous one. Now you can test your active knowledge.

Activity 4 – order the heavenly bodies in our solar system

After you know the names of the heavenly bodies, you can try to order them by the distance from the Sun. I used foam numbers (blue for planets, yellow for the Sun, the Moon and Pluto) and matched the planets and other cards to them. Again you can check the order by turning the cards over and see if the numbers match.

Activity 5 – learn astrological symbols for the heavenly bodies

If you have astrological symbols Montessori 3-part cards, you can go a step further and learn astronomical symbols with similar approach as above.


If never tried using Montessori cards before, make a set and play with your children or grandchildren. I promise you will be hooked very soon. They are kind of addictive. 🙂 If you find other use for these cards, you can share your ideas with the world in the comments section below.


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