Moon Dial – a Habit Tracker for Women

In the past few months, I have been on a path of rediscovering what it means to be a woman. I don’t feel like I fit in this society – which is still sadly a men’s world. Male energy is linear, full of constant action, achievement, goals and people’s values are external – money, success, power… Mass media show us on a daily basis that the right thing is to want more, faster and without effort.

Sometimes I watch people in the street, especially women, but I can’t see many real women anymore. There’s nothing feminine in a way especially younger women dress, walk, talk or behave. It makes me sad. We don’t have any traditions or culture anymore and all ancient wisdom has been wiped out from our society by male dominance.

Life of a woman is cyclic. There is natural rhythm in it but our society doesn’t accept it. Our society expects us to be the same every day, work with the same energy and high performance which is impossible for a woman. Our energy, mood and even appearance changes every day. The attempt to ignore these changes leads to frustration and depression.

If women become aware that they are cyclic beings during their menstrual lives, then they begin to recognize that they are part of the greater rhythms of the universe and come closer to acepting their true nature and finding harmony in their lives. Miranda Gray


Last Monday I bought a book Red Moon by Miranda Gray. I came across in quite a magical way when I needed it most. I would recommend it to every woman who has her monthly cycle and every man who would like to understand his cycling woman.

Red Moon on
Red Moon on

Reading the Red Moon was very soothing and enlightening. Suddendly, my world makes sense and I’m more than ever convinced that this society needs a change. We need to find once again the ancient wisdom and find the balance between our advanced technology and the natural and spiritual world.

I got inspired by Miranda’s idea of keeping a tracker that is circular rather than linear to be more aware of the cyclical nature of life. It makes me wonder, how many other things we just accept as they are. All my other habit trackers were always linear, I never even thought that it could be any other way.

How to make your Moon Dial Habit Tracker

What you need:

Moon Dial Habit Tracker for Women - Materials

Fill in Moon Phases and dates based on your cycle

Moon Dial Habit Tracker for Women - Draw and Cut

The Moon Dial template is round so you can start anywhere and work in the anti-clockwise direction. Day number one is the first day of your period. You can either fill the Moon Phase, the day number and the date every day as you go along or you can fill them in in advance for the whole cycle. There are 32 days available. If your cycle is shorter, you won’t use all the fields, if it’s longer, you may want to create your own template.

Ideally, you should go outside and look at the Moon every day but if you live in a country like England, you can’t see the clear sky very often. 🙂 You can check this excellent Moon Calendar to help you draw the Moon Phases into your Moon Dial.

Optionally you can use crayons or coloured pencils to decorate the tracker.

When you’re happy with your drawing and decorating, cut round the edges of both parts of your Moon Dial.

Assemble your habit tracker

Moon Dial Habit Tracker for Women - Assemble

Assemble your Moon Dial habit tracker using a paper fastener. Cut a little round hole in the middle of the Seed of life symbol as wide as the width of your paper fastener. Align both parts of the Moon Dial and push the paper fastener through. Split the metal ends open on the reverse side.

Mount the Moon Dial on a coloured card

Moon Dial Habit Tracker for Women - Mount on a card

Optionally, you can mount the finished tracker on a coloured card using a glue stick or you can stick it into your diary. It will make your habit tracker more durable and it will hide the metal ends of the paper fastener.

How to use your Moon Dial Habit Tracker

You can use the circular tracker like any other habit tracker. The difference is that the first day is not the first day of a calendar month but the first day of your period. You can track your daily tasks, new habits or use it for discovering the rhythm of your cycle (your mood, energy level, sexual activity, how much sleep you need, pains…).


We are women living in male energy dominant world and we somehow accept it even through it doesn’t make us happy and doesn’t allow us to experience true harmony. The best know way to englightement is, “Know thyself”. For women it applies more than ever because we forgot who we are. We are connected to the Moon cycle and most of our life is ruled by our menstrual cycle. The first step towards any change is awareness. Why don’t we replace our linear habit trackers with circulars and see what happens?


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