Skeletons, cobwebs and chain saws… Really?

It’s very hard to ignore what our modern consumer society did to all traditions and customs. Halloween is not the exception. The other day I went to the post office and there was a disgusting looking skeleton on a bike as a decoration and artificial cobwebs hanging everywhere. Really?

You see, when I was a child, there was no Halloween. There is now, though. How many of those kids know why they dress up in fancy costumes? I guess, the answer would be obvious, because that’s what you do for Halloween, right?

If you think of any important day that has been celebrated throughout centuries, chances are that it had something to do with the spiritual life of humankind. People used to have different abilities that we have nowadays and they knew very well that round this time of year, the veil between the visible and invisible world gets thinner and thinner till Christmas. Any customs and rituals were just the outer celebration of the inner soul experiences.

It’s not just the Halloween. It’s actually three days called Allhallowtide (Hallowmas) – All Saints’ Eve (Halloween) on 31 October, All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’) on 1st November and All Souls’ Day on 2nd November. This is the time to remember the souls of people that died and quietly contemplate about your own souls.

When I was little, this was a time to visit graveyards, light candles for your relatives, pray for their souls and be thankful for the ones that are still alive. Old people still do that. Whilst new generations dress up in fancy costumes, get drunk, watch horror movies and cause trouble. Why don’t we through a good party? It’s Halloween after all!

I think we shouldn’t let the commercial way of life overpower us. We shouldn’t let the marketers to use any occasion to sell us more stuff that nobody really needs. It leaves our hearts as well as our pockets empty.

What would happen if we all didn’t dress up as skeletons and witches and didn’t buy all that “must have for Halloween” for once? What if we just sat down with our family, lit up a candle and sat quietly for a while? I think there would be a peace on earth for five minutes.

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