How to export images from Adobe Bridge without the Export Panel

How to export images from Adobe Bridge without the Export Panel

I love Adobe Bridge. In combination with Camera Raw, it’s my main tool for organizing, editing and processing photographs. I was used to exporting images using the Export Panel in Bridge with a bunch of presets. If you use this feature as often as I do, you may have noticed that after 1 November 2017 the Export Panel in Adobe Bridge has stopped working overnight and all the presets disappeared.

This is very a unfortunate and unpleasant experience for many people. Apparently, the Export Panel was for some reason build to expire (why on earth would anyone do that?) on 1 November 2017. In other words, unless you set your computer time for an earlier date, the Preset Panel is blanked out and all your presets are gone. I have tried to change the date on my computer, but firstly, it’s a nuisance and secondly, it changes date stored in metadata on the exported photographs.

I don’t keep my hopes up that it will be fixed anytime soon so here is an alternative automated solution using the Adobe Photoshop.

How to export images from Adobe Bridge using Photoshop Image Processor

I’m using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS6. As you see in the image below, there’s no presets in the Export Panel and all buttons are blanked out.

Adobe Bridge Export Panel not working
Adobe Bridge Export Panel is blanked out and all presets disappeared after 1 November 2017 .

Highlight images you want to export as usual and go to ToolsPhotoshopImage Processor....

Adobe Bridge Photoshop Image Processor

Adobe Photoshop will open and the Image Processor settings window will pop up.

Adobe Bridge Image Processor Settings

Adjust the settings as you would for the Export Panel Presets in Adobe Bridge. You can add a copyright notice and also Run Action if you wish. When you’re done, click Run.

Photoshop will export all images into a folder called JPEG in the location specified in the setting window.


Photoshop Image Processor offers similar functionality to Bridge Export Panel but also lets you run actions and include copyright notice. You can save your settings and load them next time. You may not find it as convenient as drag and drop functionality of the Export Panel in Bridge but the main thing is that you still have an automation for exporting images available.


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