Daily Tarot Card Reading as a meditative practice

Daily Tarot card reading as a meditative practice

I use divination cards on a daily basis. I’ve had a deck of Crowley Tarot (Thoth Tarot) for years but never fully committed myself to using it. Not until last year, when I had to make many important decisions and it was about time to start working through my inner blocks and grow spiritually again (it’s been on hold for at least five years).

Crowley Tarot may seem pretty scary first time you see the pictures. I used to do only a few readings and then quickly went back to my several packs of “safe, only positive” Doreen Virtue oracle cards. I still use them but there’s no point avoiding my own weaknesses and unpleasant emotional states instead of transforming them anymore (my Mum says I’m getting old, lol 😀 ).

Daily Tarot card reading is great for meditating and reflection because it reveals various mental states in colours and symbols (including zodiac signs and planetary symbols).

Tarot cards reveal your mental and emotional states in colours and symbols.

Does Tarot really work?

Yes, it does. Tarot is always accurate. It works based on the law of attraction. If you enter a meditative state and ask the cards to show what you should know right now, they will. There’s only one “little problem”, how to correctly interpret them.

I like using a guide book by Angeles Arrien The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols. Her card explanations are focused on the transformation of negative experience and states into positive ones and even the scariest looking cards like the Death or Hanged Man are presented in such a way that you stop being afraid of them. However, guide books give you guidance, not ready-made answers to your life. You will still need to figure out what that card means to you and what you should do next.

Angeles Arrien recommends doing a daily card reading, either in the morning to get a guidance for the upcoming day or in the evening to reflect on the experiences and what you learnt during the day.

How to do a daily tarot card reading

  • Before you start shuffling your cards, enter a meditative state. Sit down in a comfortable position, relax your muscles, take several deep breaths a quiet your mind.
  • Shuffle the cards and either ask for a guidance for the upcoming day or just passed day.
  • Pull three cards and place them in front of you in the order from right to left.

Daily Tarot Card Reading Spread

The very right card shows the direction of your soul (your inner guidance). It represents your talents or if it’s a negative card, it represents challenges or obstacles you have an opportunity to overcome.

The middle card represents your mind (attitudes, opinions and thoughts). Check if your mind helps to overcome obstacles or supports your talents from the first card or if it’s doing quite the opposite.

The third cards shows the body, your outer reality – your behaviour and how you use your creativity during the day.

If you want to learn this technique in more detail, you will find it in Angeles Arrien book The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols.

Recording your daily tarot card reading

I’ve been using my Crowley Tarot decks regularly since last year. I knew that some cards came up often but I never really bothered writing them down because I was too lazy. Yeah, it only take about 15 seconds but still, in our society it seems very popular to have an excuse for every failure, like “I have too much to do and not enough time…”. 🙂

A few weeks ago I eventually persuaded myself to start making records. I created a bullet journal spread for my daily tarot card reading. I drew a table for each suit and Major Arcana.

Daily Tarot card reading bullet journal spread

Every day I write a date next to cards I pull and colour the cell background with a coloured pencil to see if I pulled it as the soul, mind or body card.

Only after two weeks or so I started seeing patterns I never spotted before and several times I was even able to predict certain events or my reaction to the events in advance. Wow.

Daily Tarot card reading bullet journal spread


Most people like saying they are open-minded but when it comes to things like Tarot or manifestation, they quickly switch to skepticism. In my book, being open-minded means – learn how things work, try them yourself and don’t give up after 5 minutes.

Daily Tarot card reading is a good meditation practice. It gives you insights into your own mind and soul. If you like, you can print your own dot grid paper and draw similar table to keep records like I do. I’ll be happy if you share your experience in the comments section below.


  1. I love this idea! especially with the colored pencils fro which place the card keeps showing up! I’m sooo stealing this idea 🙂 thanks!

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