Bible and Initiation – why are most Bible teachings wrong

Our beliefs rule our life. The spiritual ones are the most powerful ones. Sadly, many people live their lives according to misinterpretations of the Bible.

I decided to write this article after a recent visit from local Jehovah Witnesses. They come now and then for a talk and because I’m interested in people’s beliefs, we had a chat.

Frankly, I was quite shocked at the level of materialism behind their faith. They read the Bible literally! I had the similar experience when attending Catholic classes as a child.

What is the Bible really about?

The Bible is about human history and evolution. It describes physical evolution (past and future) of the Earth and humankind but mainly it focuses on spiritual forces behind the events.

Bible doesn’t stand in opposition to modern science. They just use different words to describe similar concepts.

Why is Bible reading pointless?

If you read a page from the Bible and really think about what it says, you will probably think, “What the… ?”. You will find so many strange things and contradictions or it will not make sense at all.

You can read the Bible cover to cover twenty times, memorize it by heart but you won’t be anywhere closer to the truth.

The Bible is one of the mystery books. It’s not meant to be read by public.

It’s a book for initiates. Initiates are people who are spiritually developed enough to be able to comprehend the mysteries of higher worlds and also pure enough not to use the great powers in a selfish way.

The Bible was purposely written in a way that cannot be understood by anyone who is not initiated into the mysteries.

Plus add more than two thousand years of evolution. Our consciousness is very different to human consciousness two thousand years ago when people still were able to experience higher worlds naturally.

How can one understand the Bible?

The Bible is a book for initiates. If you want to understand the Bible, you need to find someone who is initiated and is willing to disclose the information to you. There are secrets. Why would otherwise Vatican keep their archives hermetically sealed?

One way to start studying higher worlds is spiritual science – Anthroposophy. You can read lectures by Rudolf Steiner, a clairvoyant teacher who shared his insights into the spiritual world with public.

For example, there is a long lecture by Rudolf Steiner about the first sentence in the Bible.

“In the beginnings God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

The follow-up lecture about the second sentence is even more difficult to comprehend with our current consciousness than the first one. Every single word has its own meaning different to current meaning!

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

Genesis 1:1

I spend about three hours reading the lecture and several days trying to digest it. I quickly realized that every single sentence in Genesis is just a gist of much bigger mystery. Mystery that perfectly fits scientific research and has nothing to do with the fairy tales I was taught in Catholic classes.

In conclusion

The Bible is a book for initiates. If you want to truly understand what it says, you need to become one.

You can start learning about higher worlds from people who are clairvoyant and not bound by keeping the secret. There are many lectures in public domain on Rudolf Steiner archive website. They are quite difficult to read and even more difficult to comprehend but Genesis is not a piece of cake. Not even for God.

The only way to learn the truth is to develop clairvoyance yourself and access the spiritual world directly. I don’t think that anyone who didn’t develop these powers should ever teach people about what the Bible says.

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