How to attract the right partner and feel true love

Felling true love and have the right partner is what we all want. Most of us don’t feel being loved enough so we look for “the one” who would fill that gap and we will be constantly in a state of bliss and never ever part again. So we seek the perfect partner and we can’t seem to find him/her because this town is too small and there’s nobody to meet. Consequently, we often reach for a dating site because we can’t think of anything else. No matter how or who you meet, you will still have to face the dillema, “Is this the right partner for me?”

I’m no expert on relationships but I’m learning the hard way. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that looking for love doesn’t work. By looking for something you are telling the Universe that you are lacking something and that’s what you get back. Lacking. Also, you make your potential partner responsible for your happiness. Instead, why don’t you try attracting love to your life? If your life is happy and complete, then you can invite someone to give it a new dimension and opportunity to share, learn and grow together instead of expecting someone to “make you happy”.

A romantic relationship shouldn’t fill a hole in your life, it should enhance what’s perfect and complete as it is.


Learning how to attract the right partner from Pierre Franckh

Years ago, I came across a little pocket book by Pierre Franckh called How to wish the right way (Erfolgreich wünschen). This book is a lively narrative about how miracles happened in his own life. I absolutely love this book and don’t know how many times I re-read it. Pierre guides you step by step how to effortlessly manifest your dreams while showing you on his own experience how to wish the right way. The most fascinating part for me was reading how he attracted to his life his current wife Michaela in a very short period of time and without actually leaving his apartment (and he didn’t do online dating 🙂 ). This was such an eye opener that I was instantly able to grasp the important difference between looking for love and attracting it.

I don’t think there is an English version of his first book but have a peak at some of his recent works. His writing style is so approachable and easy to read that you will be able to follow the guidance even if you’re completely new to the idea of manifestation.

The DNA Field and the Law of Resonance:
The DNA Field and the Law of Resonance:

The Desire Code: on
The Desire Code: on

How to attract the right partner and feel true love

7 steps to attract the right partner and feel true love

Make a list of qualities you desire in your partner

Pierre Franckh suggests to make a list of qualities and behaviours you desire your partner to have. You can make your list as detailed or brief as you like. If you write each quality on a sticky note, you will be able to sort them and move them around.

Now, take your list and check how many of those qualities you possess yourself and what you are ready to bring into the relationship! This is usually a big eye opener. We often wish our dream partner to have qualities we lack ourselves. You can surely manifest a fit, very active handsome partner but are you as sporty and fit yourself? Will you go running or to a gym everyday together? How will you feel with your fit partner in bed if you’re a bit overweight or don’t have any endurance or flexibility?

Rethink your list and be careful what you wish for. Will you be really happy when it comes true?

Make a vision board of your dream relationship

While lists are more left-brained, making a vision board will bring your manifestation attempts to the whole new level and satisfy your right brain. Our brain remembers things as images. Vision board represents a clear picture of what you want.

To make your vision, use a board, a large piece of construction paper or a diary. I don’t like white paper because it’s blank and scary. 🙂 I usually make simple background with a crayon or water colour paints in a colour that feels appropriate. In the centre of the page write the key word (like Love or Relationship) and draw or stick images that represent your desires. They don’t need to make sense to anyone else but should be meaningful to you. You can fill the gap between images with empowering words that you associate with a loving relationship and what you want to experience. You can print the words and stick them on the board but I think using your own hand-writing works even better.

Pay attention to any feelings or negative thoughts that occur while making your vision board. If there’s any unpleasant feelings coming up, they are pointing to issues that might block manifestation of love and need to be healed.

Whether you put the vision board on a wall or just have it in your diary (if you for instance don’t want other people to see it), look at it often and visualize what it feels like when you experience things you put on it. When you have a partner, carry on using the vision board as a reminder of what you desire to experience together every
single day.

Use a love affirmation for attracting the right partner

Subconsciousness is the incentive of all we do not wish for. Subconsciousness needs time and space in the material world for its realization. Withdrawing time and space from the subconscious, the opposite polarity will cease to bring its influence to bear upon us, and we shall be able to realize our wishes through the subconscious.

Franz Bardon, Initiation Into Hermetics

As Franz Bardon states, our subconscious mind seems to be always working against us. Affirmation is a short statement of a desired outcome that will help transform your subconscious mind so that it doesn’t sabotage your wishes anymore. Use a present or imperative form of what you want, not what you don’t want.

There are many inspirational affirmations about romantic love available on the Internet but the love affirmation closest to my heart I found in Pierre Franckh’s book mentioned above.

Love Affirmation by Pierre Franckh, “I am open and ready to manifest love. I know that the right partner for me already exists and is coming to my life right now.”

I used it when I felt ready for a new relationship. The second love affirmation I used and still using it my own because I really wanted to meet someone who would be right for me.

Love Affirmation, "My partner and I share strong physical, emotional and spiritual love."

Whenever I start using a new affirmation, I keep writing it over and over and a sheet of paper in my own handwriting. Then I repeat it in my mind till I can remember it by heart.

The best time to use your affirmation is just before you fall asleep and as you are waking up in the morning because your brain waves are slower than usual (alpha state) and your subconscious is more accessible. Put a habit card on your night table to remind yourself to use the affirmation.

Franz Bardon in his book Initiation Into Hermetics recommends using a string of 40 beads to make sure you repeated the affirmation enough without getting distracted. With each repetition you move one bead (like buddhist monks do). When you arrive at the end of the string, you know for sure you repeated the affirmation 40 times.

On the other hand, it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity. Avoid repeating your affirmation mechanically. When saying, chanting, singing or writing your love affirmation, do it with you whole being.

Open your heart chakra through meditation

You need to have your heart chakra open to be able to feel and radiate true divine love. For me it feels like heat and light shimmering in the centre of my chest and I feel like I expand past my own body.

For most of us, opening the heart chakra happens spontaneously when we watch something beautiful like a beautiful sunset or hear a moving song. These experiences are nice but rare and random. You can learn to open your heart chakra consciously at will through meditation and guided visualization.

This meditation is by a yoga and tantra teacher Somananda.

I’d like to share with you a short and simple technique by Chris Walton that will help you activate your heart instantly. I use this technique almost every single day. I learnt it from an interview between Ilona Selke and James Sinclair where they demonstrate it. Follow along and see how you feel. It will take you less than five minutes and the you will feel amazing.

Act as if…

Remember, your subconscious mind needs time and space to manifest quite the opposite of what you desire (all the worries and unhappiness you don’t want). Besides using affirmations, acting as if your wish already came true will help overcoming the obstacles your subconsciousness puts in a way of manifestation of your will.

If you’re single and want to have a partner, look around your living space? Does it look like two people are living there right now? Is there a space for someone else to move in?

Here are a few suggestions you could use:

  • make sure you have a double bed made for two people and sleep on one side as if there was someone with you
  • empty a few shelves in the wardrobe and cupboards and leave them empty
  • put a second toothbrush and a towel into the bathroom and don’t use them
  • set the table to two when you have dinner
  • when you decorate your home, put things in pairs round the house

Ask for divine help

You don’t need to do everything by yourself. You can ask the universe or Archangel Chamuel for help with your love life and then let go.

Sometimes it takes time to manifest your wish. It depends on whether you’re ready for a relationship and on your negative beliefs so a little reassurance that you’re on the right path or a little nudge in the right direction can help. I love working with angel cards by Doreen Virtues. Almost every deck by her has a card devoted to romantic love. By the law of attraction, you will always get the message you need to hear at that moment. You can meditate on the card and then put it somewhere visible as a reminder.
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards on
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards on

Don’t tell the universe how to deliver your order

The law of attraction says that all your wishes are always fulfilled, the conscious ones (what I want) and the subconscious ones (all your worries, limitations, negative beliefs). All the techniques above can help you align your subconscious mind with your conscious mind.

What you wish for will manifest but don’t tell the universe how to do it or you might miss the delivery. Your new partner will not arrive gift wrapped via post with a label on it.


The perfect partner for you is not the same as a perfect person without faults. The right partner for you is your mirror. He/she will make you face your own limitations and beliefs and by working through problems together you can both grow. Keep your eyes and heart open and your delivery will definitely surprise you.



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