The best Arabic Flamenco YouTube videos

Whenever I am to create a new belly dance choreography, I always look for inspiration on YouTube. Nothing in this world is really original and getting inspired by other dancers’s work is not the same as copying their choreography. I’d like to share with you a list of the best Arabic Flamenco YouTube videos I managed to find. Some have more belly dancing, some more Flamenco feel but all of them are interesting for different reasons.

There are several things you can watch for:

  • interesting or characteristical moves
  • new combinations
  • group formations
  • how dancers express the music and emotions
  • how to use props
  • costumes

You can watch the same video many times over and always find some take-aways for your own dance practice. Enjoy.

Arabic Flamenco YouTube videos – Solos

Adriana Lezama Solis – Al Andalus

I absolutely love this dance. Her style reminds me very much Kathreen. She expresses music with such a precision! Particularly watch the way she works with the double skirt. It’s so beautiful.

Music: Al Andalus by Albert Buss.

Salima – Al Andalus

This choreography is in a typical Egyptian style with Flamenco features. Particularly watch for steps and turns and how they cover the whole dance space. Also notice the sharp head movements that give the whole dance powerful Flamenco feel.

Music: Al Andalus by Albert Buss.

Al Ayyam

I didn’t to manage to find out what this dancer’s name is. If you happen to know, please share her name in the comments. She performes a dramatic Arabic Flamenco fusion with a Spanish shawl.

Music: Al Ayyam by Lorinda (Fiesta Orientale) (Al Ayyam (Spanish-Arabian by Fiesta Orientale) on

Salima – La Tarara

This is Salima’s performance to a Spanish folk song La Tarara. The whole dance is very playful and fun to watch. Makes you feel happy. Again, I admire her ability to cover the whole stage on her own!

Music: La Tarara by Radio Tarifa (La Tarara on

Azahara – El de los Moros

This performance fascinates me for its simplicity. Azahara doesn’t use any complicated moves or combinations. Her dance is gentle, warm and all moves perfectly executed. This proves that you don’t need advanced belly dance vocabulary to throw a unforgettable performance. Very inspiring if you’re looking to try Arabic Flamenco fusion in your beginners class.

Music: El de los Moros by Simpecao

Yana – Ya Msafer Wahdak

Yana’s peformance is different to all other videos in this post. She dances in a typical belly dance costume to classical music. I included her performance for the way she uses the Spanish fan! It looks as if butterflies were fluttering around her while she dances.

Music: Ya Msafer Wahdak by Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Ya Msafer Wahdak on, Ya Msafer Wahdak on

Arabic Flamenco YouTube videos – Duets and Trios

Rasha and Inaya – Lolai

Rasha and Inaya are dancing to a pop song by Alabina with skirts and Spanish fans. Their dance features many formations for duets. Most of the time they mirror each other’s moves. Time to start practicing with your friend?

Music: Lolai (Ya Habibi Ya Eyni) by Ishtar Alabina (Lolai (Ya Habibi Ya Eyni) on, Lolai (Ya Habibi Ya Eyni) on

Raks Sultana – Al Andalus

This trio performs an Arabic Flamenco fusion with wide skirts and Spanish fans at a club. Watch how they use perfectly the space available so that audience have a nice view even if they were standing and sitting around in a half cirlce or a circle.

Music: Al Andalus by Albert Buss.

Valerie and Anjelica Scannura – Sol y Sal

Valerie and Anjelica are in fact a mother and a daughter performing together. In this performance you can find absolutely everything you can imagine – a Spanish fan, a shawl, clapping, tapping, castanets and dramatic poses. Watch how the dancers comunicate and interact with each other.

Music: Silk Route Suite: III. Sol y Sal (Sun and Salt) by Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela (Sol y Sal on, Sol y Sal on


Arabic Flamenco YouTube videos – Group dances

Jenna – Flamenco Arabe

This is a beautiful Arabic Flamenco fusion choreography with Spanish fans by Jenna. I don’t know what to watch first, whether the group formations, fan work or the costumes which are uniform and varied in the same time. This choreography has a distinct Flamenco feel with strong gestures but it’s fun in the same time. I absolutely love it!

Music: Flamenco Arabe by Dalida (Flamenco Arabe on, Flamenco (Oriental) on

Sehar – La Tarara

This is a group version of the La Tarara choreography above. The choreography is the same so are the costumes but having a group of women dancing together gives it a whole new dimension.

Music: La Tarara by Radio Tarifa (La Tarara on

Raks Sultana – Madrid

This is an example of a choreography where costumes play a major role in the overall effect. If the skirts had different colors or didn’t have white brims, the skirt movement would blend instead of standing out.

Music: Madrid by Sayed Balaha (Madrid on, Madrid on

Manuela and Aiwa! tribe – Toca Orilla

This choreography is very unusual. Dancers wear costumes in atypical colours and the music is emotional Flamenco. Very interesting are group formations and how you can fit many dancers with large skirts on a fairly small stage!

Music: Montse Cortés – Toca Orilla (bulerias)


Hope you enjoyed watching all the performances as much as I did and you can’t wait to pull your Spanish fan out and start practicing. If you need more music suggestions, have a look at my Arabic Flamenco music list and if you know any interesting Arabic Flamenco YouTube videos, feel free to share them in the comments together with your review.



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