Music for Arabic Flamenco belly dance fusion

In my belly dance class we are currently working on an Arabic Flamenco belly dance fusion choreography. When I started looking for suitable music, I had no idea how difficult it is going to be. While doing the research on the Internet, I quickly realized that almost every other Arabic Flamenco fusion belly dance performance on YouTube was to Al Andalus by Albert Buss. It’s such a beautiful song to dance to and I can’t imaging anyone not liking it but it but we can’t all dance to the same song, can we?

The second obvious choice were songs by Dalida or Ishtar Alabina. That was the right music for my dance group. We wanted something upbeat, cheerful and easy to listen to for unexperienced audience. I believe that music by these two artists is ideal for children, beginners or audience that wouldn’t appretiate more complicated melodies or slow expressive music.

The following list contains songs suitable for Arabic Flamenco fusion. There are upbeat pop songs as well as slow emotional pieces and even one classical song.

Popular song for Arabic Flamenco fusion

Al Andalus

CD Bazar by Albert Buss

  • Artist: Albert (Abi) Buss
  • Album: Bazar
  • Length: 5:35
  • This CD is sold out

Flamenco Arabe, Flamenco (Oriental)

Alabina (Original Version)

Salma ya salama (Olé y Ola)


Baila Maria


Al Quantara (The Bridge)

Silk Route Suite: IV. Juntos (Together)

Pensando en ti (Thinking of You)


Al Ayyam

La Tarara


Ya Msafer Wahdak


It took a long time and effort to put together this list of popular songs for Arabic Flamenco fusion. Hope you will find it helpful when you’re looking for a Spanish Arabix mix for your next performance. If you know other good songs, you can share them in the comments below. It will be very much appreciated.



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