my name is Jana and I’m a teacher from the Czech Republic. I have lived in Bridgwater, UK since 2011. I graduated at Palacký University Olomouc with a Master degree in Chemistry, Biology, English as a foreign language and Didactics. I offer one-one-one lessons on web design and development, MS Office and organizational skills as well as belly dancing classes.


I’ve been passionate about educating others since my teenage years. When I was fifteen, I started teaching kids at a local free time centre to play the recorder, the acoustic guitar, belly dancing and participated in various free time activities including being a leader in summer camps. This volunteering lead to a decision to study teaching at the university. I obtained my Master degree in Chemistry and Biology and started teaching at the Primary and Secondary School in Buchlovice, the Czech Republic, where I spent five years teaching children Chemistry, IT and English as a foreign language, always striving to create my own teaching materials to make learning more effective, interesting and fun. I continued to teach free time activities. My belly dancing groups performed on various local events and my recorder students won twice a regional competition for amateur recorder groups Pískání pro zdraví and promoted to the finals in Prague.

I’ve been interested in the way people learn for more than 20 years now and explored all methods of learning I came across. During my university studies and with the technology widely accessible, I became involved in web design and e-learning. My theses was based on using e-learning as a support for learning Chemistry at secondary schools (blended learning) and I received a first prize in a student science competition Dean Award of the Faculty of Science in category Didactics for my theses Online chemistry textbook.

During my years as a secondary school teacher I carried on using e-learning as a support for my students and administered e-learning system Moodle.

In recent years I deepened my web design and photography skills and became a developer and administrator for various websites and designed promotional materials, posters and leaflets.

In 2005 I randomly joined a belly dancing class (to see what is that all about 🙂 ) and after the first lesson, I was hooked. I’ve been belly dancing since and it changed my life. I’ve been teaching children and adults in the Czech Republic as well as adult courses in North Petherton, Bridgwater and my students participated in many performances in Somerset.

Personal mission

I see teaching as my personal mission. Having lots of knowledge is worthless unless I can share it and pass it onto others. I believe that education should be widely accessible and affordable to everyone. Over the years I became more and more interested in alternative educational methods like Waldorf education, Suzuki Method or Montessori approach and I believe that our mainstream education is in a need of change. The world around us is changing rapidly but the education stays somehow stiff and inflexible. I’m hoping to contribute to this change to the best of my abilities.